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Modicon / Telemecanique PLC’s, VFD, HMI, Operator Stations, SCADA, MES
Push Buttons, Sensors, Encoders, Electrical Switchgear, Relays, Timers, Terminal Blocks, Contactors, Soft Starters
LV and MV products

Phoenix Contact is one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of industrial electronics. A specialist for interfaces providing all automation areas with components and system solutions. Terminals, Safety Barriers, Interfaces.

World leader in emergency and standby power transfer solutions. Power switching, Power control systems, Surge protection, and lighting controls

Control and Monitoring system for Diesel and Gas Generators. Automatic Start Controllers, Automatic Mains Failure Controllers and Auto Transfer Switch Controllers, Load share and electronic engine compatible solutions

Standard and specialized Relays with over 10,000 options.

Valves, Actuators, I/P convertors, Regulators, Positioners, Level Switches, Flow Switches

Analog & Digital Instruments (Ammeters, Voltmeters), Hour meters, Pulse Counters, Safety Transformers, Timers, Earth Leakage Relays

Temperature Controllers, PID Controllers, Analog Controllers, Recorders, Data Acquisition, Networking Products, HMI, Modbus RS485 I/O’s for all PLC brands.

Low and Medium Voltage Cables, Armoured Cables, Control Cables, Flat Cables

Beacons, Horns, Buzzers, Sirens, Ex-Telephones. Everything Ex related.

Cam operated switches, Safety switches, Changeover motor switch, Time switches, Surge protection, Motor protection, Fuse Protection

Designers & manufacturers of transformers, power supplies & electronic power control systems for OEM’s and panel builders

Batching automation systems for the concrete production industry

Manufacturer of Hydraulic components, articulated joints and supports for hydraulic cylinders, rod ends. Panel Airconditioners.

All kind of scales, hopper systems, liquid filling systems, truck scales, bench scales, railway track scales, load cells

Manufacturer of Cable Ties, bus ducts, cable markers and other wiring accessories.

Leading manufacturer of Busbar insulators and control panel accessories.